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Celebrating Diversity - We meet you where you're at and help you become YOUR BEST YOU

At Sergey's Pilates we celebrate diversity! Knowing that not one person is the same as another- We meet you where you're at and help you in being YOUR BEST YOU!

From restorative practice to advanced, every class is personalized and specific to each individual, aiding in achieving goals and feeling fabulous!

It's so important to understand the basic Pilates Principles:







We all love a good workout, but Pilates is so much more. Pilates is used to help rehab patients build strength to walk again, teach professional athletes to slow down and learn how to fully understand and control their bodies, assist dancers in achieving proper alignment and flexibility to prevent injuries, as well as safely maintaining fitness through pregnancy.

Understand your body, love your body, and feel fabulous with Sergey's Pilates

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