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Thank you! To all who attended our first ever OPEN HOUSE!

Thanks for everyone who helped make Saturday so special for us! Our first ever open house was a huge success, and we couldn't have done it without each and every member of our amazing team! From the unreal catered food, to the clients who brought their friends to experience our studio, we love you all and couldn't be more grateful!

Our morning started with preparing the studio to look fabulous. We decorated everything with balloons and goofy cut outs of Sergey, the one used for Pin the Sergey on the Reformer, and finished all little final touches before the crowd arrived. We decided to hang sign up sheets for each of our mini classes to make it a first come first serve opportunity. Luckily we had 14 people interested in our 2 mini classes, which was the perfect number!

After giving all of the awesome new clients a taste of Sergey's Pilates, we jumped straight into our first game! Pin the Sergey on the Reformer! This was a blast, and left everyone giggling. The object was to pin the little Sergey cut out on the blown up poster of a reformer! We would spin each person 4 times and give them an exact location to pin Sergey, with their eyes closed of course! The winner of Pin the Sergey won a Sergey's Pilates tote bag, T Shirt, and sticker!

We then moved on to Pilates Trivia! Sergey and Somer asked everyone 10 multiple choice Pilates questions.

Below are the questions and answers:

Who is the founder of Pilates?

A) Fredrick Pilates

B) John Pilates

C) Joseph Pilates

D) Loid Pilates

What country if Joseph Pilates from?

A) Germany

B) Russia

C) India

D) America

Where was the first Pilates studio opened?

A) Berlin

B) New York

C) New Delhi

D) Moscow

When was Pilates founded?

A) 1940s

B) 1960's

C) 1890's

D) 1920s

What was the first ever registered Pilates exercise?

A) Mermaid

B) Hundreds

C) Teaser

D) Short Spine

What was the first ever Pilates Reformer made of?

A) An old car

B) An old bed

C) An old desk

D) Plumbing supplies

What kind of people was Pilates originally designed for?

A) Prisoners

B) Dancers

C) Soldiers

D) Politicians

When was the first Sergey's Pilates studio opened?

A) 2007

B) 1997

C) 2002

D) 2004

Where did Sergey do his Pilates training?



C) Russia

D) Toronto

How did Sergey get into Pilates?

A) Dancing

B) Body Building

C) He's related to Joseph Pilates

D) Through Injury

We had so much fun, Sergey was his typical self cracking jokes and making everyone roll over with laughter. It was by far the biggest hit of the open house, and the winner got a Sergey's Pilates tote bag, T shirt, and sticker! Sergey also gave everyone who got the trivia question about when he opened his first Sergey's Pilates studio correct a T shirt!

All in all we were very pleased with the outcome of our first every open house. It blew all of our expectations and made us really appreciate each and every client we have, we would not be doing what we love without each and every one of you. You make us our best US! Now we want to help make you your best YOU!

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